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Wunder365 For Office

Connecting Office apps together for better Collaboration

What is Wunder365 for Office?
Wunder365 for Office is a set of super connectivity apps that connects Outlook, Teams, Planner, SharePoint, OneNote, Wiki, and other apps in Office 365 for better collaboration and helps you to get the most out of it.

Wunder365 for Office is available as:

  • Chrome / Edge extension

  • Teams Add-in

  • Outlook Add-in

  • OneNote Add-in

  • Word and Excel add-in

Wunder365 establishes two-way synchronization between apps (Ex: Planner & Teams, Outlook & Teams), so that you don’t need to switch between the apps in search of relevant information.

For Microsoft Planner:

  1. Add Microsoft Teams conversation to a Planner task

  2. Add @ mentions to comments in a Planner task

  3. Notifications about your Planner Task assignments via Microsoft Teams

  4. Create Planner tasks from any webpage in the browser


For Microsoft Teams:

  1. Create Planner tasks from a Microsoft Teams conversation

  2. Microsoft Teams - Outlook integration

  3. Get notified in Teams when someone @ mention you in Planner task


Teams Meeting Extension 

Wunder 365 meeting extension enables you to create and manage tasks in Planner, start a conversation with any team in Microsoft Teams and discuss everything related with the meeting. All in one place.

  • Organizer of a meeting can install Wunder365 directly as a tab in the meeting.

  • Users and organizers can look at the ‘W’ icon at the top of the screen and access the add-in during meeting. 

  • And the members can create a Teams conversation, planner task, Wunder365 card, and SharePoint task directly. 

  • Even after the meeting is over, the Wunder365 app will last on the meeting's surface and monitor and work with the task further.   


For Outlook:

  1. Send information in an email to Teams conversation

  2. Discuss an email with your colleagues in Teams conversation

  3. Upload email / email attachments to SharePoint / OneDrive

  4. Create Planner tasks for emails in Outlook

Outlook addin.png

For OneNote, Word, Excel

  1. Create Planner tasks

  2. Discuss this document with your colleagues in Teams


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