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Organize your projects on Office 365

Wunder365 boards is an easy-to-use tool to get your projects on the road. It`s as secured as Fort Knox and has all the features you asked for.

What you get

Full integration with office 365 to get the job done.
Plan your projects in minutes!

Create a plan, organize a team and assign the tasks easily and with just a few clicks.

Improve communications

Have everyone up to date about your project and get relevant inputs from stakeholders, all in one place.

See what everyone is doing

Have real time information on your team`s work, gain efficiency by re-assigning resources with a single click.

Use cards to organize your team around a task, discuss and assign it. You can add images, attach files and checklists.
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Use Microsoft Teams to discuss with your team and get all of its benefits: mentioning team members; attaching files from OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox and others; video calls and notifications straight to your phone


Don’t miss a deadline. Add checklists and due dates to your tasks, create recurrent tasks and see them all in a Gantt Chart.


Tired of having information all around the place?
With Wunderboards you can easily turn an email into a task.
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Don’t ever copy-paste again your notes! Wunder365 is integrated with Onenote so that you can turn your notes into tasks with a single click.


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The best security on the market. Let Microsoft take care of your information: your documents stay in OneDrive and SharePoint, your conversations in Teams and all others in Microsoft Servers.

See all updates in real-time and have a record of everything that's been done and said.
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Access your projects 24/7. On your phone, on the web or even as a chrome extension to easily add whats on the web to your tasks and discussions.



Get your projects back on track with Wunder365

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