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Wunderboards is an easy-to-use tool to get your projects on the road. It`s as secured as Fort Knox and has all the features you asked for.

Organize your projects on Office 365

Use cards to organize your team around a task, discuss and assign it. You can add images, attach files and checklists.

Use Microsoft Teams to discuss with your team and get all of its benefits: mentioning team members; attaching files from OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox and others; video calls and notifications straight to your phone


Don’t miss a deadline. Add checklists and due dates to your tasks, create recurrent tasks and see them all in a Gantt Chart.


Tired of having information all around the place?
With Wunderboards you can easily turn an email into a task.

Don’t ever copy-paste again your notes! Wunderboards is integrated with Onenote so that you can turn your notes into tasks with a single click.


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The best security on the market. Let Microsoft take care of your information: your documents stay in OneDrive and SharePoint, your conversations in Teams and all others in Microsoft Servers.

See all updates in real-time and have a record of everything that's been done and said.

Access your projects 24/7. On your phone, on the web or even as a chrome extension to easily add whats on the web to your tasks and discussions.



Get your projects back on track with WunderBoards


(30 days, NO credit card)

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